The Ultimate Destination for Corporate Gifting

Customer retention is a metric that assesses customer loyalty and a company’s ability to keep a customer base. Nothing is more important than showing your consumers that their company means the world to you (which it should!) when it comes to increasing loyalty. Customers are more likely to be repeat visitors if they believe you value their relationship; nevertheless, you must demonstrate why your client should not buy from anyone else in order for this to happen. Any B2B company must have a customer retention plan. Here are some gifting ideas for client satisfaction through corporate gifting.

1. Gourmet Gift Hamper

It’s common to receive a gourmet gift hamper when purchasing an automobile for an Individual. the same works for a business over its clients, whenever there is a sale or renewal from a Client the seller can give a Gourmet Gift Hamper to keep the buyer excited about buying a product or service from them. A gourmet gift hamper is a collection of food and drink products, often given as gifts and sometimes including a hamper basket as well.

2. Office Items

An office item is a product that is used by the client on a day to day basis, an office item like stationery, chairs, dairy, and any other item can be given as a gift with a seller branding on it so that the client can remember the seller name whenever there is a need of a product or service for the client by doing this we can create a top of mind awareness for a client and his office visitors.

3. Points and Gift-Cards

During the purchase of any product on an E-commerce platform we get an offer or reward points from the website, a similar offer can be given to a client during his purchase from a seller therefore the seller can create a rewards system to make the buyer make a repeated purchase from the seller over a long course of time.

4. Freemium Products

There are many software companies that provide Freemium products and services. If you are a Saas company you must provide a product for free and later start charging, this will increase the user base of your products you must identify the areas you must start charging for the products and implement this strategy, if a product or service is being purchased from a company then there must be Freemium product given to the client.

5. Holiday Gifting

Business to Business companies do not have a business throughout the Financial year there are seasons in the year in which there is a break for our clients we can leverage this by gifting them during the holiday season we can give gifts that are suitable based on the festival themes or traveling activities for our clients following are examples for travel gifting. Shoes, bags, watches, power banks, Customized towels/ masks, First Aid Kits, etc.