The Ultimate Destination for Corporate Gifting

Think Beyond Pizza

Want to reward your employees for their excellent performance, commitment, and loyalty towards the company? Then it is time to think beyond Pizza and coke. While this can certainly fill your employee’s tummies and make them happy for the moment, it will undoubtedly leave them hungry for something more meaningful. Rewards are a great way of showing your appreciation towards the efforts your employees have put towards the growth of the company, therefore it is essential to make it worthwhile for both you and your employees. Lately, companies have realized how paramount gifts mean to their employees. Gifting is a visible sign that as management you care for their contribution. It should be incorporated into company culture.

Understand Why to Gift

Corporate gifting has several great results if you do it right. These include

Strengthening Connections

Gifting, in particular, can strengthen the bond between the employer and employee. Giving gifts is a wonderful way to establish and maintain new relationships.

It boosts employees’ positivity and motivation

Corporate gifts are an excellent way to boost employee morale. It not only helps you express your appreciation to your employees, but it also helps the team get along and work better as a unit. Gifting makes the employees feel valued that the company is appreciating their hard work.

Create a positive work environment

If the workplace culture is positive, employees will be more motivated to carry out their responsibilities effectively every day. The dopamine system in our brains is stimulated by surprises, helping us to focus our attention and inspiring us to look at our situation in new ways.

Increases productivity & retention

Employees who are recognized and rewarded for their contributions are much less likely to experience employee burnout and seek alternative employment, resulting in higher levels of employee retention.

Here are some great gifting ideas to make your employees swell with joy and pride.

  • Trophies and Mementos (mentioning best employee of the month, quarter)
  • Gift cards and vouchers
  • Personalized gifts
  • Hygiene kit
  • Travel organizers
  • Personalized laptop bags
  • Handmade chocolates and savoury
  • Thank you notes
  • The employee of the month T-shirts and hoodies, caricatures
  • Desktop succulent plant.

How to Choose the Best Corporate Gift for your Employee

  • Set a budget – A budget will help you focus your gifting efforts and narrow down realistic potential gift ideas. You may not have the budget for expensive corporate gifts, but smaller, less expensive gifts can have the same impact on your clients and employees. When developing your corporate gifting budget, prioritise your gifting audiences.
  • Choose a corporate gifting partner – Rather than tackling the task of sourcing and shipping gifts on your own, we recommend working with a corporate gifting company like Regalos. Gifting companies make corporate gifting simple by doing all of the legwork for you as they help you offer high-quality gifts to your clients and employees without the added stress of sourcing inventory.
  • Research – After you’ve chosen your corporate gifting partner, use their expertise to find the best gift options for your employees. Inquire about industry trends and what items are most popular. They’re a fantastic resource with a wealth of knowledge, so don’t be afraid to ask them for advice and suggestions.
  • Quality Control – Request a sample of the gift or a mock-up from your vendor before placing your first order. This is especially important if you used custom branding or placed your company logo on the items.
  • Transportation logistics – Depending on the vendor you choose, they can assist you in confirming the delivery options available for your preferred gift recipient locations.

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