The Ultimate Destination for Corporate Gifting

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic working from the office was restricted, but with the lifting of lockdowns and the success of vaccination rollouts, you may now be able to welcome your team back to the office. This post is for you if you’re reopening your office doors after a lockdown and your employees are returning to work.

1. Customized Welcome back Kit

This welcome back to office kit contains accessories that employees can put to use from their first day itself. It includes a mug, temperature-controlled bottle, customized notebook, pen, and a customized box of chocolates. The contents of this kit are bound to augment the employee’s journey to returning back to the office.

2. High Quality Gift Set

One of the best corporate present ideas thus far is the high-quality gift set. It comes in a nice package with a personalized welcome back note and instructions for the employee. The company logo and brand colors are used to customize each part inside the present box. This kit includes a mug, a customized book, and a temperature-controlled bottle.

3. Magnetic customized gift box

A high-quality, personalized hamper with a welcome back message from the leadership team is an outstanding present for the employees who are coming back to the office. This gift kit will raise staff morale and increase engagement. This kit includes: 5 eco-friendly pencils with seeds, a customizable cap, a keychain, and a magic cube are included in the kit. A customizable table book, mouse pad, wooden coasters, and a cup are among the table accessories included.

4. Rejuvenating gift kit

For the employees who are coming back to the office, this is the ideal relaxation gift kit. It helps employees unwind and makes up for the first few days back in the office. Employee morale will be enhanced as a result of this. This kit includes Different varieties of Tea, a Tea flask, and a Fruit Infuser Sipper.

5. Eco-friendly gift kit

This is an environmentally friendly gift set that will help the employee form a positive impression of the organization right from day 1 of them returning back to the office. The gift kit will also assist in gaining the perspective they require in order to perform at their best at work. This kit includes: Bamboo finished notebook, pen, and tote bag.